ESA Tissue Healing in Space

MJR PharmJet is part of  European Space Agency Topical Team, Tissue Healing in Space.  Market forecasts are extremely positive for all the domains covered directly and indirectly ( i.e. through networking) by the participant to the Topical Team. For example, the regenerative medicine market is expected to grow up to 68 billion USD by 2020 with a promising growth rate of 23% per year. Also, the medical sensors market is reported from different sources to reach about 10 billion USD in 2020 with a growth rate of 30% per year. Many segments of those markets could directly take advantage of the research topics presented in this proposal and of their study and development in the space environment. Experiments in Space will help at a better understanding of the repair mechanisms of wounded tissues, the development of more effective wound dressing and enhanced wound and suture healing as well as improve knowledge on tissue regeneration possibly by using stem cells, platelets, growth factors, drugs and physical therapies. It is straightforward to understand the potential impact that one of this research topics could have on the global healthcare market.

For more information: ESA Topical Team webpage